Lightning talk speakers and volunteers

Want to help make the python community and SF Python events even better?


It takes a village to build a strong community, check out ways you can help, or offer up your other talents...

Prior to the event, we can use some help with:

  • Lightning talks. Feel feel to submit your proposal for 5-minute lightning talk". We should have time for about 8.
  • Website. Can you help make this Django site prettier and more responsive to Sponsors' needs?
  • Raffle. Right now, we have books to raffle off, can you help us get more donations and run the raffle?
  • Tweeting. Can you help us spread the word pre-event and during the event?

    Feel free to write Grace and let her know how you can help!

    On 12/8/2016, we'd love volunteers to help as well:

  • check-in (6): show up no later than 5:15p, 30 mins before general admission
  • clean-up (3): 10:30p-11p
  • direct traffic (2-4): help people find bathrooms, food and drinks (different station for people with dietary restrictions), usher people to the limited seats we have and quiet the room during talks
  • monitor the food lines (4): replace food trays, napkins / plates, keep area clean, etc...
  • mend T-shirt table (2)
  • manage late-check-ins (1)
  • photograph the event (2)

    Please click "apply" to sign up to volunteer!

  • Lightning talk speakers and volunteers