Ways to Help


Thanks for clicking on this page! We are grateful for your generosity.


Right now, we are looking for:


    Let your engineering manager and recruiter know they can market your company to Bay Area's engineering communities via various sponsorship opportunities

    Lightning Talks

    Propose a lightning talk here: Please provide as much info as possible, possibly a slide deck, incorporate humor where possible. We have 8 slots and will decide on Lightning speakers by Nov 25

    Web Developer (more front-end)

    Email us to help make this Django site prettier and more responsive to Sponsors needs?


    Want to photograph our the holiday party and share your beautiful work? I'd love to have 2 designated photographers. Please email Grace, preferably with links to your portfolio

    Raffle Master

    Right now, we have books to raffle off, email Grace if you help us get more donations and run the raffle

    Tweet Masters

    Help us spread the word pre-event and during the event? Email Simeon to get you set you up with admin access to sfpython's account


On 12/8/2016, we'd love to have volunteers to help with:

  • check-in (6): show up no later than 5:15p, 30 mins before general admission
  • clean-up (3): 10:30p-11p
  • direct traffic (2-4): help people find bathrooms, food and drinks (different station for people with dietary restrictions), usher people to the limited seats we have and quiet the room during talks
  • monitor the food lines (4): replace food trays, napkins / plates, keep area clean, etc...
  • mend T-shirt table (2)
  • manage late-check-ins (1)

    If you'd like to volunteer on 12/8, please sign-up here to pick your role or suggest other things you'd like to to do. We will get back to you closer to the event