Since November 2008, SF Python has been producing free tech events for Python Devs. We are grateful for the generosity of corporate sponsors, who view this as an opportunity to make their company visible to a tech audience, recruit talents, and support their community. As our events increase in attendance, so have our efforts. For this year-end Tech Talk / Holiday Meetup, we are expecting 350 attendees and the cost of operating it far exceeds what one company would have the budget for. We have therefore created sponsorship opportunities to finance the cost of food, beverages, video recording, venue, etc. The excess funds will go to compensate the countless hours the organizers have put in to produce these high-quality meet-ups throughout the year. Additionally, a % of the profit will be donated to a local charity of the participants' wish.

Aside, we are always looking for companies to host us, but due to our strong attendance, hosting companies are limited to those that can absorb 120+ people for Project Hack Nights and 200+ people for Presentation Nights. If you'd like to host a SF Python Meetup in 2017, please write us.