Why is SF Python looking for sponsors?

Since November 2008, SF Python has been producing free tech events for Python Devs. We are grateful for the generosity of corporate sponsors, who view this as an opportunity to make their company visible to a tech audience, recruit talents, and support their community. As our events increase in attendance, so have our efforts. For this year-end Tech Talk / Holiday Meetup, we are expecting 350 attendees and the cost of operating it far exceeds what one company would have the budget for. We have therefore created sponsorship opportunities to finance the cost of food, beverages, video recording, venue, etc. The excess funds will go to compensate the countless hours the organizers have put in to produce these high-quality meet-ups throughout the year. Additionally, a % of the profit will be donated to a local charity of the participants' wish.

Aside, we are always looking for companies to host us, but due to our strong attendance, hosting companies are limited to those that can absorb 120+ people for Project Hack Nights and 200+ people for Presentation Nights. If you'd like to host a SF Python Meetup in 2017, please write us.

Why can’t I announce my jobs at the event?

There are usually too many job announcements at tech events, cutting into the intended program. We recognize the need for companies to reach our community with job posting, and we think the job boards will be a more effective way for you to provide information and for interested parties to apply to your jobs directly.

I want to be a sponsor. What are the next steps?

Step 1: Create your job post. If you have more than 1 job post, rinse and repeat.

Step 2: Choose your level of sponsorship and pay via credit card/paypal, or email Grace to request an invoice.

Step 3: One of our organizers will approve your job posting, make it live on our website after confirmation of payment

What information do I need to have handy to post our jobs?

Title: eg. Backend Dev, Data Scientist

Summary (140 Character or Less): eg. Help send human to Mars at XYZ, Build and scale backend for 150M Users

Lengthy Details:

  • You know the demographics, please have something to do with Python
  • Please provide company name and include information about your company - eg. Are you funded? How large is your company? What problems are you solving? Why?
  • Please pitch us. We assume you are offering competitive compensation and benefits, what are other reasons people would want to work there?

How to Apply: include link to your home page or jobs page

Company Logo:

I represent a staffing agency, can I post jobs at your site?

Not unless the hiring company's name is spelled out in the job posting. 

I have filled my jobs, can I post another one on my job slot?

Congratulations! And yes, please let us know and submit another job. One of our organizers will approve it, mock it up and activate it on our site.

I have a table at the event, what now?

Congrats! Your table is 4.5ft x 2.25ft. Feel free to bring a free-standing retractable banner (we cannot hang your banner behind your table), table cloth and other swag. Access to electricity is likely, especially if you bring an extension cord but we cannot guarantee it at the moment. Look out for an email with separate instructions to claim your comp tickets and plan to arrive around 5:15p (30 mins prior to the start of the event) on 12/8 to set up your table.

Do I have to post jobs to be a sponsor?

Hack no! :-) You can donate how ever much you want. And please feel free to write us with your suggestions on how you'd like to maximize your visibility to our python community.

Can I post jobs with SF Python after Dec 31?

Email Grace if you are interested in that.

I am riding my bicycle, is there parking around?

There are 8 bicycle parking inside the venue on a first come first serve basis.

Where should I park?

Please take BART or Muni if possible. There is street parking near 680 Folsom and there is also the Moscone Center Garage at 255 3rd St.