About Us

SF Python is about building a stronger Dev Community in SF / Bay Area, one meeting at a time.

It was started by Grace Law in Nov 2008 when 35 devs sat behind the desks of a 30ish people start up, ate pizza and listened to a Python Fundamentals talk by Wesley Chun.   Today, with the help of Simeon Franklin (Python Instructor at Twitter) and some faithful sponsors, we produce:

  • 2 monthly meetups
    • Presentation Night with 150-180 engineers listening to tech talks from PSF members, core developers of open source projects and local software engineers alike.  2nd Wed of each month at Yelp.
    • Project Night with ~ 120 enthusiastic members hack on projects and share what they know by offering tutorials and mentoring to other devs.  3rd Wed of most months at various companies.
  • A holiday party
    • Presentation night on steroid with amazing speakers, more devs (350+), more fun, and much better food / drinks to celebrate the year
  • A yearly regional Python Conference
    • PyBay, our inaugural conference in 2016 was 3 days long, 40 talks and 400+ attendees

It’s a lot of work to put together these events consistently but we believe there is power in in-person interactions.  We believe in learning, sharing, and helping each other out.  And we have seen the results.  We have heard stories of people getting their problems solved because of the talks and the people they met at our events.  We have witnessed people grow in their career, from receiving their first internship to landing their first speaking gig at conferences.  We have even heard companies migrating to a different platform / technologies after attending our conference.  We think there are more we can do and we look forward to your participating - be it attending our events or supporting SF Python financially!  

Here are a few quotes from our members:

"These talks helped me learn and solve problems at work." Paraphrased from attendees on October 2015 Presentation Night

“I'm always happy to attend an sfpython meetup!! ” Brian Weber on Sep 17, 2015.

“Couldn't be better” Alex Kleider on Aug 19, 2015.

“Great! My first Python Meet Up! Got all my questions answers, and I now have a direction to pursue.”  Jerry415 on Mar 18, 2015.

“A superb community full of talented individuals!” Villarroel on Mar 18, 2015.

"Everyone is uncommonly friendly and outgoing; even introverts find it easy to start or join a conversation (if desired) before and after these events. ” Eric Ongerth on May 14, 2014.

“Big, real big ” Sebastien Mirolo on Oct 12, 2014.

“Fantastic. Love the format, energy, and quality of the presentations. See you next month!” Josh Enders on Jan 8, 2014.

“The organizers always impress me with their ability to bring together talented mentors, eager students, and curious hackers. It's a great mix and a vibrant community. ” Steve Piercy on Aug 15, 2013.

“So far its one of the best technical groups I've interacted with, and I'm excited to see what they do next.” Philip James on Dec 15, 2011.